3D printed Mini drill press for PCBs

A while ago i bought this motor a from Banggood, along with a Collet set to make a mini drill press. There was a nice drill press design on thingverse  made by the user  ftobler, i intended to adapt it for the motor i had but didn’t had any threaded rod at home. So between going to the hardware store and designing something different with the stuff i had laying around, i decided designing  my own. This post is about it :


If you want to make one like this, you’ll need 7 m4 screws and 2 m3 screws, all 8mm in length, although you might be able to fit different sizes in different parts, the motor bracket is sized to fit a 28mm diameter motor  but you could screw smaller motors on it. I’ll provide the solidworks files along with the STL files in case you need to modify anything.

A few Construction tips:


i had to split the stationary tower thingy in two, just so my printer could print it, you’ll need to deburr the connecting  edges so the sliding plate can slide smoothly, 2 parts epoxy worked great for gluing it.


use the included template to drill the mounting holes on to the base.


The rubber band is installed like so, there are holes on the tower at different heights so you can experiment with different rubber bands and different tensions.


Once everything is assembled use the drill press itself to make a mark  on the base, then disassemble the carriage and drill the base. Also, mount both handles before gluing the connecting piece between them. at first the mechanism was designed with just one handle, but the  carriage  deflected quite a bit to the side when it was pushed down, it works great with two handles though.

Overall the drill press works ok.  It is not a precision machining tool  by any means  but should work fine for pcb drilling. The collet doesn’t grip the drill bit very well though, which is annoying, it might be this one collet thought i need to test the other collets with other bits. here is the first drilling test:

CAD, and 3d printing files:

Mini drill press


Mini pcb drill press


In order to improve deflection i have modified the sliding carriage, it works a lot smother now.


I’ve shortened the lever slot so it doesn’t stick at the top position.

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  1. I’m printing this bad boy out now. Thanks for your hard work designing it!

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