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I made this robot using a digispark (attiny85), if you are planing to build it using a different microcontroller the fallowing gait table might be useful:

“Pos -1″ and ” Pos 1″ are the limit angles of the servos, turning in the clockwise and anticlockwise directions, “pos 0” is the center position,you’ll get each movement by repeating the sequences in other.

Files & Links:


 3D files

Fusion 360 files

Digispark program



2 servos 9g

1 Digispark

12  screws m3 x 10

screws m4 x 8

screws m4 x 12

2 infrared sensors

2 extension cables 10cm

1 9v battery connector

1 Capacitor 100 uf

1 headers

Besourobot by José Roberto Canuto V Jr licensed under the Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike license
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